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At Buckaroo Beef, we like our cows and care about the environment and the wildlife.  We always treat our cows humanely using low stress stockmanship methods.  We fence-line wean the calves to avoid stress to both the calf and the cow, and we freeze brand instead of hot brand.  We have cows and a bull that like to be brushed and scratched, cows that beg for treats, and yes, we do name some of them.

At the ranch, we work the cattle the old fashion way, using horses and dogs.







 We practice regenerative grazing practices to ensure we always have plenty of forage for both our cattle herd and the deer, elk and moose that populate the ranch. 







Welcome to Buckaroo Beef!  We are a small, locally owned ranch with a passion for cattle, horses, dogs and all things ranching.  We strive to raise the best all-natural beef in Southeastern Idaho.  We do not use hormone implants, ionophores, antibiotics, or spray any pesticides on our pastures.  Our Hereford and Angus cattle live outside in wide open spaces, the way cattle are meant to.   Our mama cows calve outside in early spring on the desert west of Idaho falls and spend the summer and fall grazing lush meadow grass at the ranch overlooking the Snake River Valley.  In the winter, they are fed alfalfa hay grown in Hamer, ID. Our calves are started on grain (locally sourced corn and barley) during their first winter.  Depending on their size and age, yearlings may spend a couple months in the early summer at the ranch with the cows.

When the yearlings are ready to be finished, we move them into a large lot that provides ample space, shade, windbreaks and -yes – a scratching post. Cow’s just love to rub and scratch themselves!  Our beef is finished on locally sourced grain for 90-120 days to ensure it is marbled to perfection. Most of our cattle are about 18 months of age and between 1100-1200 lbs when they finish.  This ensures the meat iss very tender and marbled perfectly.
























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