All Natural Beef Raised With a View
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Farm Pickup or Home Delivery

10324 W Arco Hwy
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


Welcome!  When you place your order, you have the option of home delivery, meeting in Idaho Falls at set location, or pickup at the ranch. We will contact you to arrange a time that works out for you.  You can give us an idea of what you have in mind by adding a comment at the bottom of your order.   Delivery is $3.00 within 15 miles of Idaho Falls.  If you live further than 15 miles from Idaho Falls, we charge $0.25/mile. Any delivery charge will be included on your final invoice.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale if you live too far away from Idaho Falls.  At that point we would look at the cost of shipping beef to you if that is of interest to you.


We're confident you will love our products.  We are proud of our ranch, our cows, and our program, and we look forward to sharing our delicious beef with you.





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