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Welcome To Buckaroo Beef and Beans! 

Buckaroo Beef is a small, locally owned ranch with a passion for raising the tastiest all-natural beef in Southeastern Idaho.  We do not use hormone implants, ionophores, antibiotics, or spray our pastures with pesticides.  Our cattle are raised on grass and locally grown hay and finished on locally sourced corn and barley for 90-120 days.  Most of our cattle are about 18 months of age and between 1100-1200 lbs when they are processed, ensuring the meat is very tender and marbled perfectly.  The cattle are processed at a local USDA inspected facility, where it is dry aged a minimum of 21 days and then vacuumed packed, not placed in freezer paper.

Purchasing Our Beef

There are several ways to purchase beef.  Some places charge a price per pound based on the carcass (hanging) weight, some on the live weight.  Sometimes the customer pays the processing fees, sometimes not.  At Buckaroo Beef, we price our beef per pound of meat you receive.  We pay the processing.  When you order a whole, half or quarter of our beef, you will pay a deposit at the time you place the order.  When your beef is ready, we will weigh the actual amount of meat you will be receiving (as each animal has a different weight) and notify you of the total cost minus your deposit.  You pay for the remainder of your beef when we deliver it.  For smaller orders, we will get your order together and weighed, and then send you the final weight and price.  You can pay prior to delivery, or at the time of delivery with a credit card, cash or Venmo.


We strive to keep our prices competitive with other ranches in the area and the Prime beef products available at grocery stores. We will be adding several flavors of snack sticks and salami this summer, as well as putting together a few bundles..  We are also looking into offering a subscription service, where we would deliver a set quantity of beef to you every month (or whatever interval you choose).  Let us know if this is something you are interested in.

Our Mailing List

Please sign up for our mailing list and we'll send you notices of specials and when a new post comes out on our blog.  Trust us - we will not send you daily or even weekly emails.  We hate that and expect you do too.  Please be assured that our check out process is safe and secure through Stripe.  We never see your card information.  Give Buckaroo Beef a try and taste the difference while you support local farmers and ranchers.


We would really appreciate your feedback.  Do you prefer to buy in bulk (quarters, halves, wholes), or do you want to purchase individual cuts?  What cuts would you like to see in a bundle?  Any interest in a subscription service?  Please send us an email with your preferences.               


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